Past Ranch Appraisals

Throughout the years, Gardner Appraisal Group has been proud to serve many people throughout the state of Texas. Our clients needs have taken us to counties all over, and that list of counties is growing even today!

Below is a map of all of the counties we have performed appraisals as well as the names of the properties in those counties, most of them ranches and farms.

Anderson County
Briar Lakes Ranch

Atascosa County
The Heard Ranch
The Finch Ranches
Glazier Ranch
MM Ranch
Palmer Farms
San Miguel Ranch
Quail Creek Ranches
Deason Ranch
Arrow S Ranch

Austin County
H Bark Ranch

Bandera County
The Dos Pesos Ranch
Powell Ranch
Rocky River Ranch
Vexler Ranch
Rancho Nina

Bastrop County
Barron Family Ranches

Bee County
The Heard Ranch
The Peponi Ranch
Kemosabe Ranch

Blanco County
The Cherry Springs Ranch
The Bryd Ranch
H&H Ranch
Holler Ranch
TC Bar Ranch
Sibley Ranch
Joost Ranch
Nash Ranch
Brumley Ranch
Darling Ranch
Moore Ranch
Casey Ranch
Majie Springs Ranch
Byram Ranch

Bosque County
The Nail Ranch
10 Triple X Ranch
Valhalla Ranch
Kimbell Bend Ranch

Brewster County
East Forker Gage Ranch

Brooks County
Cage Ranch
Los Compadres Ranch

Burnet County
Cherry Springs Ranch
Mezger Ranch
Haile Ranch
Mountain/Tucker Ranch
Phillip/Tucker Ranch
ThisIsIt Ranch
Stanish Ranch

Caldwell County
The Greenlake Ranch
Turner Crest Ranch
Fentress Ranch

Coke County
The Patteson Ranch

Colorado County
Hermes Ranch

Coleman County
Diamond V Ranch

Comal County
Wegner Ranch
Jay Ranch
SSB Ranch

DeWitt County
Westhoff Ranch
Valley View Ranch
Cassin Irish Creek Ranch

Dimmit County
The Casa Monte Ranch
The Las Vegas Ranch
Rancho Encantato
La Bandera
Diamond H Ranch
San Pedro Ranch
Bar K Ranch
Straight Ranch
The Tommy Burns Ranch
Pena Creek Ranch
Vesper Ranch
San Pedro Ranch
Pilloncilla Ranch
Sombrilla Ranch

Duval County
The Cable Ranch
The Flojo Ranch
The Haegelin Ranch
La Parrilla Ranch
The Brush Country Ranch
Paseo Cibolo Ranch
Las Colinas Ranch
Southern Ranch
Los Reyes Ranch
The Christiana Ranch
Myers Ranch
S&S Ranch
Armagosa Ranch
Temple Ranch
Long Shot Ranch
Duval County River Ranch

Eastland County
Cedar Mountain Ranch

Edward County

The Bartberger Ranch
The Chisolm Ranch
Cedar Creek Ranch
Llano Springs Ranch
The Thornton Ranch
Canyon Creek Ranch
Dyer Ranch

Falls County
Moon River Ranch

Frio County

The Half Brothers Ranch
Rocking R Ranch
Burns Ranch
The Jouris Ranch
Meyers Ranch
Laguna Vista Ranch
Applewhite Ranch
C Bar Ranch
Cachara Ranch
La Solana Ranch
Harris Ranch
La Mojosa Ranch
Rockpile Ranch
Applewhite Ranch
Roberts Ranch
Lothringer Ranch
Ledwing Farm

Gillespe County
Broken Foot Farm

Gonzales County
Lazy F Ranch

Goliad County
Berclair Ranch

Guadalupe County
Quien Sabe Ranch



Harris County
The D-BAR-D Ranch
The True Ranch

Hays County

Breed Ranch
True Ranch
D Bar D Ranch
Burchard Ranch
Gennusa Ranch
Lazy 8 Ranch

Hidalgo County
Delavina Farm
Santillana Ranch

Jackson County
Cherryhomes Ranch

Jeff Davis County
KC7 Ranch
Alpine Flying W Ranch

Jim Hogg County
The Haegelin Ranch
Alexander Ranch
La Estrella Ranch
Las Cuatas Ranch
San Pablito Ranch

Jim Wells County
The Hoffman Farms
La Cabra Ranch
Floyd Ranch
Dunlap Ranch
Lange Ranch
Ben Bolt Ranch
Wavell Ranch

Karnes County
The Finch Ranch
The Neal Ranches
Helena Ranch
King Farm North

Kendall County
Neu Wassenberg Ranch
Brimhall Ranch
Headwaters Ranch

Kenedy County
The Yturria Ranches and Farms
The Esquinas Ranch
Hacienda Campo Alegre
Walker Ranch

Kerr County
The Indian Creek Ranch
Buckhorn Ranch
YO Ranches
Skull Gulch Ranch
Greystone Ranch

Kinney County

The Bartberger Ranch
Spofford (Dunbar) Ranch
Postell Ranch
Schermerhorn Ranch
RAR Ranch

Kimble County
Northstar Ranch
Bradley Ranch
Double R Ranch
Mountain View Ranch

Kleberg County
Los Suenos Ranch

Lampasas County
The Jackson Ranch

LaSalle County
The Welder-Cameron Ranch
The Welder-Dobie Ranch
The Santa Anita Ranch
Kinsel Ranches
El Jardin Ranch
Caiman Ranch
Rancho Feliz
JDB Ranch
Herradura Ranch
The Burns Ranch
The Naylor-Jones Ranch
The Kenley/ST Ranch
Alexander South LaSalle Ranch
Altito Ranch
Covert Cattle Company Ranch
Conway Ranch
Hoff Ranch
Meiners Ranch
Los Senderos Ranch
El Caballero Ranch
Holcomb Ranch
Paloma Ranch
Cabeza Maiz Ranch
5C Whitetail Ranch
Rancho Mauricio
The Irvin Ranch
Falsete Ranch
La Pinata Ranch
Zizinia Ranch
EO Ranch
Amistad Ranch
Los Cuernos Ranch
Ware Ranch
Media Luna Ranch
Zella Cromwell Ranch
Holcomb Ranch
Stephenson Ranch
Reichert Ranch
Ledwig Ranch

Llano County
The Winkel Ranches
The Thompson Ranch
Winkle/Brooks Ranches
Beams Ranch

Ward Ranch

Live Oak County
Sunset Ranch
Goddish Place Ranch
Rosalee Place Ranch
River Place Ranch
Camhouse Ranch
Whitehouse Ranch
Mountain View Ranch

Maverick County
The Winship Ranch
Kickapoo Ranch
Nunley Ranch
Wipff Ranch
Rosita Ranch
Schulte Rancho Venado Grande
Olmos Grande Ranch
Wipff-Radicke Ranch
Picossa Creek Ranch
The Brown Ranch

McMullen County
The Dos Rios Ranch
The High Lonesome Ranch
The True Ranch
Lindholm Ranch
Fox Creek Ranch
Lomita Ranch
San Jose Ranch
Naylor-Jones Ranch
Hamilton Ranch
Reynolds Rattlesnake Ranch
Morton Ranch
Lark Ranch
Kuykendall Ranch
Wheeler Ranch
Quintanillo/Paloma Ranch

Medina County
Bedinghaus Ranch
Open Gate Ranch
Steinle Ranch
Benedum Ranch
Paradise Farms

Menard County
La Quemadura Ranch

Meridian County
The Nail ranch

Milam County
Yeager Farm
BMN Green Pastures Ranch


Mills County
Smokey Bend Ranch
Hoof and Horns Ranch
Breedlove Ranch

Pecos County
The Smokey Mountain Ranch

Refugio County
The Heard Ranch
La Rosa Carter Ranch

Robertson County
Camp Cooley Ranch

San Patricio County
The Welder Ranch
The Whatley Farms
Home Place Ranch
Methodist Home Place Ranch
Far Place Ranch

San Saba County
The Yoakum Ranch

Bend Ranch
High Lonesome Ranch
C.J. Ranch
Jackson Ranch
T-5 Ranch
San Saba Parker Ranch

Starr County

Section 545 Farm
La Brisa Ranch
Las Islas Ranch
Borreqos Ranch

Travis County
Reimer Ranch
The 7 Points Ranch
Fall Creek Ranch
McMorris Ranches
Wild River Ranch

Uvalde County
The Allen Ranch
Love Ranch
McNair Ranch
Meek Ranch
Bailey Four Canyon Ranch
Los Vecinos Ranch
The Lyles Ranch
South Schwartz Ranch
Indian Creek Ranch
Bella Dama Ranch
Flying W Ranch

Victoria County
The Greenlakes-Welder Ranch

Val Verde
Husboumer Ranch
The Sycamore Creek Ranch

Webb County
The La Garita Ranch
The True Ranch
The Blackbuck Ranch
The Welder-Dobie Ranch
The Chenault Ranch
Canadadillo Ranch
Dipper Ranch
Rafter O Ranch
Tiller Ranch
Galvan Ranch
The Triada Ranch
Palo Blanco Ranch
La Estancia Ranch
SOBB Ranch
Covenant Ranch
44 Ranch
Cerrito Prieto Ranch
Alexander Ranch
Sanders Ranch
Booth Ranch
Schnautz Ranch
La Retama Ranch
Withers/Maqueyitos Ranch
Los Ajitos Ranch
Las Islitas Farm
Mendiola Ranch
Rancho Las Tejanos

Willacy County
The Yturria Ranches and Farms
Las Islas Ranch
E Lazy E Ranch

Williamson County
The Four T Ranch
The Finch Ranches
Structure Farm
Carmody Ranch
Yeager Farm

Wilson County
Patocha Ranch

Zapata County
Santa Nino Ranch
Hancock Ranch
Guerro Ranch
Marc Jacobs Ranch – name
Alexander Ranch – name
North and South Tracts of La Purisima Ranch
Dolores Ranch
Los Labores Ranch
Garza Ranch
Jennings Ranch
Gutierrez Ranch
Clements Ranch

Zavala County
The Powell Ranch
La Pryor Ranch
Head Ranch
Flowers and Ward Ranch
Flying G Ranch
Loma de Cometa Ranch
The Weathers Ranch
El Mirador Ranch
The Soyars Ranch
Magnus-Richardson Ranch
Cinco de Lomas Ranch
South Chaney Ranh
White Wing Ranch
Snake Creek Ranch
Westwind Ranch
Perlitz Ranch
Double Dime Ranch



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